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What is missing in being human?

Let’s make 2021 a new year with good energy.

I talk a lot about creativity, making art work and splashing paint on a canvas, but i woke up today thinking about this.

I think it’s important to remember what being a human is all about…

The little things? The little moment? Are they really little?

We all say appreciate the little things in life, like creating artwork, making memories, spending time with family and friends, but i asked myself today “are they so little?” Are they actually the big things that make our lives worth living.

✨A simple hug from a friend

✨A hello from a stranger

✨A compliment from a sibling

✨A kiss from your partner

✨Advice from your parents

✨Recognition from your boss

✨Appreciation when you deserve it

✨For me creating my black and white art

All the “little things” are what we look for in life, maybe not even consciously but are subconscious and our heart are always waiting for these times. They are the things that make your face smile, your heart beat faster, keep your mind going, and make us humans never give up on life.

In 2021 I want to share, have and appreciate these things even more. All of us need more of the “little things”. So if you do one thing in 2021, do me a favour and make it one of these. You don’t know how it could change someone’s day, week or even life and that’s what being human is all about 💓

I think over the years we have forgot more and more about what life’s really meant to mean. There is so much mental health issues, depression and lack of ‘humanness’ that we have all started to look for other things to keep us happy. Whether that be drink, drugs, ocd, material items or simply staying in bed all day and not facing any of it. I know how it feels to not want to get up. I do what I love, I create art every day, but a lot of days i struggle. My mind wakes up and says “so what are you going to do to fill your day today” and from that moment i feel rubbish. Your not alone. My heart wants to create but my mind wants to make sure that I will enjoy my day that much that it other thinks its way out of doing anything.

Now think of this. If you got up and was welcomed with gratitude for doing well or recognition for something you achieved. You go outside and a stranger just says hello, you walk into the shop and you get told you have a nice top. You bump in to a friend and they hug you and say how amazing your artwork is. You go to work and get appreciated for what you did yesterday, the extra work you put in gets recognised for the first time ever. You don’t go home early to watch tv, you stay out in nature and appreciate what’s around you. You then go home and cuddle up to your partner, pet, son, daughter.

Imagine if we were a little more connected with each other. Would you be excited to get out of bed? Would mental health take a drop, FINALLY?! Would we see more smiles and laughter in the world? I’m not sure, but in 2021 it’s definitely what we all need. So lets make our new year’s resolutions/goals to give back, spread love and positivity! Lets really really focus on letting the people you love know it and the people you don’t know, still feel it.


UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls