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Expressional Artwork

Interview With Twitter Artist Odious



Hello you beautiful people! I am super excited to have this amazing artist here for you today. He is called odious and you can find him on twitter and instagram.  The interview I am about to share with you is brilliant, but his artwork will blow you away! Odious creates concepts for his viewers/collectors that catch your breath, you see your own personal experiences but you can also feel the emotions he must of experienced through his work. His art is truly phenomenal. This artist is always expanding his own skills and style and his latest pieces are just beautiful! I love his new colour pallete and abstract style, it helps give each piece even more feeling and emotion. Oh I just love this artist and i can’t wait for you to love him to!

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What got you started on art?

My head was so full of trapped emotion and I needed a release. Art was that release.


Where does your inspiration come from?

Personal experience, and lately a lot of expressionism based art.


Have you always been a digital artist?

No, I was a graphic designer for 3-4 years prior to making the leap into art.


What is your favourite art style? And Why?

Expressionism, I like to feel what the artist felt when creating the work. It allows me connect in a way I cannot explain.


Does your past ever show up in your artwork?

Yes, all my work is personal and based on experience. I’ve had a lot of dark times, but the future looks to hold a lot of light.


Has the lockdown influenced you or your art in anyway?

From a mental health standpoint yes, I have created some artworks lately as a distract from the outside world. The less I think about it, the better.


If you had to choose three words to describe the lockdown experience what would they be?

Loneliness, sudden, eye opening.


Did you learn anything in 2020? About your art, the world or yourself?

I’ve learnt that I’m not alone, that others think like me. It’s exactly what I needed to keep me grounded and it’s help me grow and find my people.


What is your focus for 2021?

Finding the balance between myself and my art.


Do you have any thoughts on the crypto art space? If so when did you first hear about it?

One of the most welcoming spaces I’ve been a part of, so much love in the community. Collaboration is on the rise and that’s such a beautiful sight to see. I first learnt about the space in early 2020, and then made the leap in September 2020 with the help of Loopify, a credible voice for the space.


How do you think crypto art will change society and its view on the art space?

It’ll take some time, but they’ll learn to adapt because the future is already written.


Do you believe in crypto art?

Yes, with my entire body set of organs.


Has it changed your life? If so, how has/will it change your life?

Yes, crypto art has changed my life, not just financially, but mentally as well. The people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made is something I’ll hold dear, and something that will continue on for years to come.


Do you follow or believe in any specific artists on the crypto space?

I do, those being: Fewocious, Itsparrott, JonathanWolfe, FvckRender, Victor Mosquera, KristyGlas, Pak, 3lau, Beeple and so and so forth. There are so many, but here are the names that came to my head first.

The way odious is so open and raw about his emotions makes his artwork just that more heartfelt. Odious is not just an amazing artist, but an amazing human to. He is a massive part of the crypto space and is always trying to lift others and inspire others to reach their goal in the community.

You can see how odious catches his collectors eye within each piece, from when he says “expressionism, I like to feel what the artist felt when creating…it allows me to connect in a way I cannot explain”.  You know that every piece he sees and creates, he wants to feel that deep emotion and connection. This is why his work is so full of expressional thoughts, you know he is always putting out what his heart is feeling in that moment.


The way he talks about finding others like him, is just beautiful. It breaks my heart to hear people feel alone, but how inspiring is it to hear this artist uses art to escape his head, but also connect with other like minded artist through his journey. Art can be great for releasing emotions, but it can be the perfect way to connect and find your own community. To follow this amazing artist please click the link here; If you want to see more of odious work, you can also check his website. His colours will leave you speechless.

Odious is also a great artist in the crypto community. To check out his drops follow the links below. He’s also a big collector in the space. He has an exciting new drop coming up on May 4th, it’s definitely one not to miss!

UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls