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Do you use other artists for inspiration?

I just wanted to write a quick blog on the importance of using other artists artwork for inspiration. I don’t mean copy, I just mean taking the idea or elements from the art piece and creating you own artwork. After all, copying is boring, right?

I have always used other artists ideas from instagram, and did a bit of artists research at college/uni (you know the artists they force you to search for your essays) but until today I never really had an open enough mind to look at others work. I didn’t actually realise this, until a few days ago. I just thought I didn’t like the art, but the issue was actually the fact my mind wasn’t open to the art, unless it was similar to my style, I just didn’t use it for inspiration because I was worried it wouldn’t help me itch my creations.

However today I spent the morning looking at all artists, right from famous to accounts on twitter and the drive I had for creating art after was so powerful it drew me to my iPad. For me this was very important, as the last week I had tried to pick up my pencil/pen and I just stared at the paper/iPad and froze (artist block is what I think we call it). I even started to draw one thing, but it didn’t go to plan and i didnt enjoy creating. Art should only be made if you enjoy the process, otherwise the ideas and concepts you want to express through your art will not work.

Although after I looked through these artists, I took inspiration from each and everyone of them. So my message to you, is maybe you don’t feel like other artist styles can help but try capture one thing you like from each art piece you see and watch how it changes your world and your creations. Don’t do what I have done for many years and struggled to find inspiration because I’ve just been trying to find something that looks like my work.

From today, i feel more open, more skilled as an artist and I am ready to create a different styled masterpiece. Once the design is finished I will write another blog on the concept, thoughts and feelings behind the piece. You will also be able to find it on my Instagram pause and pattern. If you get chance to head on over, connect with me and let me know how the piece makes you feel.

Have a beautiful day!