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Japanese art

Interview 1 with artist on Instagram Vanessa (sommerfuglen15)

Today’s artist is Vanessa LLerena Bedroni (known as sommerfuglen15 on Instagram). Vanessa was born in Peru South American, but now has lived in Denmark for 10 years. She creates beautiful rich images, with a distinctively Asian influence that feature the different aspects of women and give a feeling of their many emotions. Vanessa’s work has highly detailed pattern and will catch your eye from far away, as well as including many details that will draw you in, intrigue you and make you want to take a closer look.

We chose to interview vanessa as we loved the visual impact of her pattern and use of colour, and we wanted to know where her inspiration came from, how she got started and how lockdown is impacting her.


How did you get started in art?

I have always loved art since my childhood. My uncle is an artist in Miami, and when I was younger, I always saw his paintings when he came and visited us. His art used to always blow my mind and made me feel inspired to paint my own creations. I actually started of doing interior design but I didn’t find enjoyment in this area, so I started to experiment painting from subjects instead. I loved this and I love finding new techniques through experimenting. I don’t do art for a living, I do it because I am passionate about each piece I draw, it’s my hobby.

Do you have a connection with other artists?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier my uncle is an artist. I also have two cousins that are artists. Their creativity is shown in a different way, they don’t like to paint but they love to create art using plastic and colour. I am also in contact with other illustrators in my hometown (Denmark). Being in connection with other artists is great because you can get new ideas and fresh inspiration from them, as well as indulge in the beauty of their work.

Do you get creative block and how do you overcome it?

Yes, every artist experiences it. Ideas flow more when your happy and you can create more. The way I overcome it is sometimes I think you just need to step away and go visit new places. I also love to read about art as it helps inspire me to create. I believe many things can get you inspired, but you always need to search and try new things.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from the beauty of a female. I like the vision of the feminine women, the different circumstances they can be in. For example, the different colours, cultures and the way women can adapt and evolve in many different ways. Like how you can imagine them in the material, modern or a certain type of time in the world. I like how you can experiment and play with this type of art.

How as art helped you in lockdown?

Here in Denmark, we don’t have many restrictions but we have to wear masks, and everyday life is still very different. I have found it a great time to be at home. I have enjoyed having that time to be able to look on social media for different artists on Instagram and twitter. Denmark life is now very different, but we are just going with this life.

How has the lockdown made you feel?

It made me feel weird, it has been ok but also has been bad. My sister lives in France and hasn’t been able to visit me which I have found very tough, as I have not been allowed to go visit her either. I also have another sister who lives in the USA, who I also haven’t been able to see. I have two children (one who will be 9 years old and one who is soon to be 3 years old) so they are keeping me busy all the time which has helped keep my mind busy to.

If you had to use three words to describe lockdown what would they be?

In three words, I don’t know how I can put it in three words but probably isolated, boring and very uncertain times. You don’t know how things will turn out, what will be and not be.

What has been the best thing and the worst thing through lockdown?

The best thing for me is I think more people have tried to find ways to use technology, so we rely more on machines than the people. I mean its not a bad thing if you think about it. Now we have school at home, and for me this has been a real positive as it has helped me identify the things my children have been struggling with, especially my eldest son. It has helped me be able to focus on them. For my son, if he was still at school, I wouldn’t have known the areas he has been struggling in. I wouldn’t have been able to spend more time with my children and help them as much as I have.

I have spent so much more time with my children, which I have really valued, but I have also got to spend more time finding out myself. I have learnt to deal with my ‘demons’. I have become more patient and have focused on my priorities. I have learnt more about my head and changing my mentality. The worst thing for me, is that freedom we have lost. It doesn’t matter where we go were always thinking and worrying.

Did you learn anything in 2020?

I learnt this year that I didn’t know I was happy. For example, in 2018 I was complaining, I felt it was a rubbish year and I hated my life. But we didn’t have corona, we didn’t have any of this. So, something I have learnt was things can change so quickly, we just have to try to deal with it and adapt when something happens. It’s the only way.

Do you follow or admire any specific artists?

I love this one artist, he is French (his nickname is moon). He paints with Indian ink; he is really good. I adore his creativity and style. I also love Yuko art. She is a Japanese woman who works in New York. She is an illustrator and her style is so beautiful. Another main artist I really like is Gustaf Clint.

Vanessa is one beautiful and talented artist. Through 2020 I had many people who loved my art style as much as I enjoyed creating it, but there were a handful of artists that stood out to me, Vanessa being one of them.

With art it’s not just about the way it looks, it’s about the feeling and emotion put into each piece. I connected with Vanessa as she has such a kind soul and her art intrigued me, so much detail and colour.

My favourite part out of this interview is where Vanessa says “Somethings can change so quickly; we just have to try to deal with it and adapt when something happens. It’s the only way”. I loved this because it reminded me of why I connected with the artists/people I did through lockdown. It showed me even when Vanessa has felt like giving up, something in her keeps her going and that’s exactly what life is about. It’s not about avoiding the situation, it’s about finding ways to get through to the other side.

I just wanted to thank Vanessa so much for giving me your time today to share your thoughts and feelings around lockdown and the creative world. If you to want to see her art and build a connection with her then I will drop her instagram link below.

UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls