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Interview With Twitter Artist Karisma (Stopstare)



I chose to interview this artist karisma as he has a very niche style in the art world. His art is filled with high emotion and a lot of heart felt pain and passion. To best describe his work, I would say he very well highlights the idea of there still being beauty in a lot of pain. Everytime I see one of karisma’s pieces you can see the rawness and open heart he must have.


I can really feel his pain and passion when you see his art. Some pieces almost have a repulsive feeling when you look at them, but I love this because it evokes so much emotion in the viewers body and mind, it also makes them see and understand the artists through the art.


A piece that really stands out to me is the almost flesh like look on his piece “mamma”. This piece stays in my mind because of the high emotion it evokes when I look at it. I also like the one with the lady and the knife going through her throat “Why would you lie to my face”. This really highlights the pain that most of us feel at some point in life.


I believe karisma really connects with his audience through his pain, and although I hate to think about this artist, or any human in pain I feel it’s a really important thing to highlight, and for karisma to be so open and raw about this in his art is a very powerful thing for him as an artist and also a important statement for the viewer. It also shows how strong karisma is as an artist and as a human. You know that he is the sort of person you could approach about hard situations and he would understand and get where you are coming from.

What got you started on art?

I don’t know for sure. The answers could be many. Maybe i was just searching for my place in the world, maybe it was revenge. Maybe i wanted to redeem myself from disappointments. Or maybe it was a mix of all of that.


Where does your inspiration come from?

I ask myself this question pretty much everyday. I am now convinced that i’m inspired by perfectionism, romanticism & the evolution of the species.


Have you always been a digital artist?

Yup! Always studied the digital medium.


What is your favourite art style? And Why?

I don’t have a favourite art style. I only have favourites themes.


Does your past ever show up in your artwork?

Absolutely. My past makes up an huge part and my approach to my art. Now it’s less relevant, i’m only focused on me actually.


Has the lockdown influenced you or your art in anyway?

Mhh, no i don’t think so.


If you had to choose three words to describe the lockdown experience what would they be?

Closest thing (to) hell. Jk i don’t care it’s ok for me to stay home and mind my stuff.


Did you learn anything in 2020? About your art, the world or yourself?

2020 definitely was the best year to me. Started exhibiting my art around the world, acquired the belief that i’m unique and I learned that I love myself the way I am.


What is your focus for 2021?

Love myself even more. Focus on my art even more. Grow mentally and expand my vision. The rest will come as a side effect.


Do you believe in crypto art?

I do. It’s giving the chance to live off art money to a lot of people so to me it’s worth. I’m enjoying my time here.


Do you follow or believe in any specific artists on the crypto space?

I feel a deep affection to the ones who welcomed me when i first started using Twitter. Odious will always have a special place in my heart. He’s getting everything he deserves and i’m proud of that dude so much.

I connected with Karisma because I could see the strength and positive outlook on life, even know he had been through such hard times he still had a passion for connecting and understanding others, as well as being strong for himself and choosing to look a life with a whole lot of light.

UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls