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New York


“The City that never sleeps”

This truly is one of the most fascinating, colourful, gorgeous places I have been. This is the first place I had visited in America, and what a place it was. When you hear people say it’s just like a movie, it really is. The feeling there was so unreal, the bright lights and the amount of people there was crazy! I remember not being able to cross the road with out waiting for the green man, it felt like I was a kid again. You would silly to cross without waiting, as there were cars coming from left, right and centre. They were everywhere. The weather was extremely cold, we had been warned it would be so we had snow coats, snow boots (in case we were lucky enough for it to snow) and the normal; gloves and a winter hat.

While we were here for an art trip, we visited some amazing museums, listened to drummers in the underground and saw some wonderful creativity. Time square was as busy as people say, people bumping in to you, rushing past you and pushing others out the way. It’s like a different life over there.

One of my favourite memories, was definitely going up the empire state building. The view from the top was phenomenal, it really captured the cities atmosphere and New York as a whole. We went up in the evening, which I would say was the best time to visit it, as we got to see the whole city light up and it was truly beautiful. After coming home, I found out that the building itself is a symbol of everything New York city is known for: ambition, innovation, a competitive spirit and sheer will, this made my experience mean even more to me than before. The empire state is 100% one of the best buildings I have ever seen.

We were in the hotel and we heard that it was meant to snow tomorrow and us being a ‘typical English person’ got super excited about this announcement but were also like will it actually snow though. I remember coming down from the bedroom in to the main hall and my god did it snow, everything looked like a beautiful white blanket, from streets to cars and everything in between. It was such an amazing end to our trip, we went for a snowy walk, had some lunch in the snow and even when we got to the airport the runs for the aeroplanes were covered. I remember seeing people shovelling snow, this was normal and frustrating for them, but for me this was a dream come true and the whole trip was truly an amazing experience and another I will never forget. All my travel images are linked from my inspiration from page but you can also follow this link here: New York Photography

UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls