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Venice is a place where all your dreams become a reality…



If you ever get a chance to go anywhere on holiday, make it here! It’s such a picturesque city full of romance and colour. I remember being stood in my own presence just taking in all the magnificent views, the water was glistening in the sun, one thing that stood out to me was the beauty of how the bridges were sculpted, one in particular being the clear bridge (Ponte Della Costituzione) , it was unique to me as it had steps we walked up and it felt like it went on for miles. I also remember seeing this building like structure that I had never seen before; it had a green domed roof and made every picture look perfect. I took most of my photography here as it had gorgeous surroundings from any angle. I enjoyed every moment in this beautiful place from the hotel we woke up in to the strolls we took as the sun was setting. The narrow streets were magnificent, but what an adventure it was trying to get around as all these streets looked identical. We took one wrong turn and two hours later, after trying to find our way back, we came to a dead end. The most frustrating thing was that we could even see where we wanted to get to but right in front of us there was a canal full of water that stopped us being able to cross. It started to get dark and i started to get a little worried that we were lost in this city. Luckily, my partner managed to find our way back and we ended up having the most delicious meal.

From this moment on we indulged ourselves with the cultural foods of Italy. We tried everything from pizza to pasta to homemade magnums. As I walked over the bridge, in front of me stood a make your own magnum shop, and I mean make your own magnum: you pick everything from the flavour, to the size, to the toppings, I even had mine dipped in chocolate. For me this was such a memorable moment as it was something I had never seen before. Where I was fascinated with this dessert, the boys were more intrigued by the two-pint stein glass. This restaurant is where I had one of the most gorgeous meals but one thing, I would say is not to make the mistake I did and to always read the menu properly as after seeing they charge by kg the food became less appealing. However, I couldn’t fault the restaurant itself or the impeccable service as this became one of our favourite places to revisit, my partner made best friends with the owner, making our experience one to remember.

Another great experience of mine was visiting Lake Garda and Scaliger Castle (Sirmione) this was a proper princess castle and is a great tourist attraction as it is known to be floating on the water. Although the steps got steeper and steeper as I reached the top, the feeling I got was like I was in a film, but as I looked out, I released this was no dream. The beauty of the water and the views of the town was like something I’d never seen before. As we left this extraordinary castle, we passed these people with gigantic ice creams and I just knew I had to find one. After some time, we found the ice cream shop. The price was high but for the amount you got it was worth it. We found this cute fountain to wash the ice cream drips off of our hands.

This city is so romantic, the bridges, the canals, the beauty of the architecture makes it a once in a lifetime experience and the pizza is absolutely phenomenal. It is by far one of the best places I have travelled to. I would go back in a heartbeat. If you would like to see more of this beautiful city, please have a look through this link Venice Photography

UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls