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Interview 5 With Artist Youssef (Cevenova)

Interviewing this artist was certainly a treat. The passion, love and beauty in his work actually blows my mind. I mean how can you not love this artist? The colours are just delightful and they always catch your eye . I chose to interview this artist because there has never been a piece from him that you don’t fall in love with. I hope you can feel and appreciate the art as much as I do. I love how in touch with the universe he is. His passion for nature and the connection with the world is felt in every piece. Every artwork has energy and emotion behind it. You can see the true beauty of colours and contrast, it’s just gorgeous!

It’s definitely an artist that you don’t want to miss. I get to see his work everyday and the feeling it gives me when I get to indulge my eyes in it, is so powerful, it gives me such a meaningful emotion every time. Being locked in, art has been my freedom and getting to see this particular artists work has given me inspiration, motivation and happiness every day, and I really wanted to share this energy with you.

Space digital art
space animal digital art
nature flower digital artwork

How did you get started on art?

Everything started in 2015 after graduation. I found I had two paths. The first path was to find a company and start my employer journey, but that never felt enough for me, so I followed the second path of self-education. I spent the first year trying to develop my skills as a designer. This was the start of the 6-year journey of creating art as a digital artist.

Do you have a connection with other artists?

Through this journey I got to know other artists, not only in digital art but music artists, painters, writers… and the most beautiful thing about these connections is that we all share one thing in common which is the emotion that inspires us to create that piece of art.

Do you get creative block and how do you overcome it?

Yes, I think it is something very normal that happens to everyone, we can’t be creative all the time. I wouldn’t say I overcome it because I just let it be. When I have little ideas to put down, I do something else, I take rest, I read a book. I also love to spend time in nature, as nature is a huge source of inspiration for me. So, there is no forcing, I know it passes and it always does.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

It all starts from within, for me, nature and emotions, positive and negative emotions are

huge sources of inspiration that drive us to create. Nature inspires me continuously and emotions gives me that spark to create. I turn that negative feeling into something beautiful and make the positive feeling blossom.

Have you always been a digital artist?

Hmm I could say yes because it started as my first career, today I do other things besides like entrepreneurship & commerce but yes, I have always been a digital artist.

What is your favourite art style and why?

I’m a very curious person and yet a dreamer, I love to discover the unknown and seek beyond imagination, I always use space/galaxy in my concepts, this comes automatically, I feel there’s a lot to discover in this universe. I use that as an inner journey of discovering the universe and myself, I always had that journey inside my head and digital art gave me the opportunity to put that out and share it with the world.

How has lockdown made you feel?

Actually, I didn’t mind too much about the lockdown because the focus was always on the inner journey, so lockdown for me was nothing but more time for myself. So, following the next question, the lockdown made me focus more on myself and to embrace that. (I did talk about this in my last conception).

If you had to use three words to describe lockdown what would they be?

Embrace your Loneliness

Have you learned anything in 2020?

I’ve learned to live every day as the last day. Live everyday with intention. Busy surviving but truly living.

What has been the best thing and worst thing?

Anne Frank, a german-born diarist and world war 2 holocaust victim, has spent 5-6 months in confinement. once said ” I don’t think of the misery but of the beauty that still remains. ” And I think that’s very accurate. This lockdown was definitely hard for many people but let’s focus on the best thing here. This lockdown has offered us extra time for family, and also time for ourselves to listen to ourselves away from the noise of the outside world and its routine.

Do you follow/admire any specific artists? 

Many but I would say LumiFantasy is in the top list.

Oh my! This interview is so raw, uplifting and beautiful. Every word he says is so true and meaningful. I really love how much positive energy he has brang out of 2020 and I completely agree, there has been so much great and positive things, and i love the way he used that to create even more meaningful art. One of my personal favourites of Cevenovas art has to be the one with the most magical, beautiful and gorgeous fairy. I personally love fairies anyway but the way he uses colours and detail in this particular piece portrays the strength, beauty, connection and love in this image. It gets my heart everytime. Although every art piece has always got my emotions high. Everytime he shares his art, he always documents the journey and the meaning behind it and it’s so motivational, inspiring and powerful. I truly love his art.

Follow Cevenova to see the true artists behind his work, you wont regret it!

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