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Twitter Interview With Lucclop

Artist Lucclop

Hello you beautiful artists and art collectors!
Im super excited to share this interview from the very talented twitter artist lucclop. This is one of the very amazing projects I have been working on behind the scenes. This artist has a really beautiful passion for connecting with his viewers, catching your deepest emotions and intriguing you with his unique ideas to make you want to find out more.
Personally the reason I chose to interview this artist was because of his retro sweet series, it caught my eye with the ideas, colours and emotions it made me feel. It bought me right back to childhood and the happy memories. I just fell in love with the way he connected with his audience on such a deep level. I can’t wait for his future pieces. (all artwork you see on this page is from the artist being interviewed). If you would love to see his art as well follow lucclop.
Digital space artwork

What got you started on art?

From a very young age I filled sketchbooks with hand drawings and I painted a lot. As a teenager, art highlighted itself as an excellent distraction from tough days at school. Despite all the challenges at school I really focused on my art, worked really hard and felt myself getting stronger and more confident, massively encouraged by the positive feedback teachers were giving me. It was my best subject by far. My passion for art then continued through College and University.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My art is inspired by fond feelings and nostalgia. A lot of my artwork aims to capture a child’s view of the world. My kids massively inspire this as well as thinking back to how I was in my own childhood. Children have so much positivity, they can create fun & joy out of small things. They are unabashed and always extremely inquisitive. I adore how they see things.

Have you always been a digital artist?

As child and early teens, it was all hand drawing and painting. Then in my late teens I was introduced to photoshop and a load of 3D software. I did very little by hand for a very long time from that point but, now I love to mix with mainly hand-drawing, some photographs and a little 3D modelling. I use an iPad Pro and the Apple pencil for my hand-drawing and painting now though. Much less messy!

What is your favourite style and why?

I can create 3D art and I create with complex 3D modelling in my day job. I have been doing that for 20 years now. My NFT art is intentionally different and personal to me. I really enjoy creating in 2D and the fluidity of the hand drawing/ hand painting process. Personally, I find I can better capture emotion this way. I also enjoy the freedom it brings because I get into the habit of being very focused on some technical aspects when I’m working in a 3D model environment and can get a bit disconnected from my original intention. That’s possibly just me though, I see so many 3D artists in the NFT space really getting into their flow with their 3D work.

Does your past ever show up in your work?

It does, I have been working on a series of artworks that capture childhood visions of tasty treats which include UFOs (those sherbet flying saucers that melt in your mouth) and the FAB ice lolly which I have very fond memories of. I have also created artworks inspired by Film or TV that had a big impact on me. All of my work is inspired by something personal, a feeling of joy or hope, past and present. They are all quite playful. It’s a real escape for me to create art this way.

Has lockdown influenced your work in any way?

My day job became very intense once the lockdowns started. It became much more challenging, demanding a lot more effort while earning less. People got really tough too, a lot of anger. There’s been some really horrible things, more personal things happen too which I wouldn’t talk about but, adding everything together, particularly all at the same time I really felt I needed to get my head into something filled with fun and positivity. The NFT space has been perfect, there are so many kind and encouraging people there. I love talking about and sharing art. I get so much motivation and inspiration being part of the NFT community.

There’s been 6 months of home schooling due to lockdowns as well. I now have such huge respect for teachers. It really is amazing what they do and I realise that more than ever now. My kids had more art lessons from me than anything else. We had a lot of fun creating together and this has inspired a lot of my work.

If you had to choose three words to describe your lockdown experience what would they be?

Challenging, tiring, enlightening.

Did you learn anything in 2020? About your art, the world, or yourself?

Diving into the world of NFT art has been a huge education. I still have a lot to learn but, I feel like I’m finding my feet now. Artworks reach so many people, particularly on NFT twitter and you get to talk to a lot of artists and collectors. Personally, I don’t feel this is possible outside of this space. I’ve never had so much feedback and that feedback is incredibly helpful for my development and growth.

What is your focus for 2021?

I have already been incredibly lucky to get onto 3 amazing platforms to sell my art. There are a few other popular platforms that I would love to join so I will do my best to get onto those. I will keep creating and stay true to myself, my style but, aim to develop and improve. It will take time but I will always be putting in the hard work, all the steps to one day hopefully be in the position to be working on my art full-time.

Retro digital artwork
Digital retro artwork
Nostalgic digital artwork
This interview made me realise many things, not just about how incredibly beautiful the art and artist is, but the fact that we all grow from the darkest places. It’s in times like this where life feels really hard, every challenge is coming at us from all angles and nothing feels like it going to be ok. That is when we see that tiny little light in the distance, something wants us to keep going and we look back and realise it was all leading us to our desired destination. School can suck, people can be a challenge and life can be one big roller coaster but this artist is one of the most passionate, creative and strong minded artists due to struggles in childhood times.
I love to connect with such talented artists like lucclop because you see the insights behind their creations, the deep emotions they may have felt, and the love they have for art. If you have been inspired by this interview, fell in love with the art or just want to generally connect with this artist you can comment, share and follow his art journey here Now with the crypto art space more people are reaching out and making genuine connections. What a beautiful place to be.
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UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls