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inspirational quote

What would you say to your 10 year old self?

inspirational quote

Sometimes we look back and wonder how life could of been so different… But we never regret because we know it’s the journey we were meant to go on.

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I want to start off this blog by saying I don’t regret anything because everything could be so different if you had a different journey with your past.
Although there is a difference between regretting and thinking about how you would of done things, because after all, you only know what you know.
But…(who got told not to start a sentence with ‘but’ at school?) Is school really what it’s cracked up to be. Its putting you into a system, ready for what they call life. What’s life really about though?? Its freedom and to support and care for eachother, and school whatever you believe, doesn’t teach you that.
So here’s my story:
If I was to talk to my 10 year old self I would let her know that omg the world is crazy and the absolute least of your problems is what people think about you. You get told when your younger “it’s just because there jealous” “it won’t matter in 5 years” “once you leave school you won’t even care” but honestly did I believe any of this. No. I kept in my little shell trying to fit in, but never quite getting there. It was kind of like fitting a circle into a square it fits but the square still has more than you. Whether that be more clothes, the better iPhone, more friends, more boys, I dunno but I do know I was one of them people that “almost fit” in (by the end of school anyway).
I got bullied, I remember being called a rat every time I went into maths. I still remember it to this day, it doesn’t bother me anymore but it did back then, I was scared. I remember starting my first day and I was trying to get past the year 11 girl group and they all lined up so I couldn’t cross. I remember chewing on a pen (you know, we all do it secretly). I got taken the Mick out of in front of all my friends, the comment was “can you not afford a lolly”.
Right so why am I saying all this. It’s not to make you feel sorry for me, I’m over it but the point is we all go through crap and it’s not till you get to a certain point where you realise if only I knew what I knew back then, but you can’t. You can only do what you think is right in that time, and for me that was to try and gain a really good group of friends but this meant maybe getting in with the wrong people. Like ones who weren’t so supportive and nice to others (people i wouldn’t choose to be friends with now).
Looking back now, I would of had a strong opinion and a strong head and made people see who I really I am. I would of embraced the differences about me, because i’ve realised there my superpowers. I wasn’t horrible or much different to anyone else (well i thought) but school made me feel like I was and now I realise I’m sooooo different to others and I’m loving it and I’m going to embrace every moment of it.
The ones who make success are the ones who stand out from the rest.
UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls