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Do you feel like you don’t quite fit?

Feeling a little lost?

Read below to understand why…

black and white wall print

Do you ever feel like your fading into the background, you don’t quite fit or that nothing makes sense?

Remember that you ARE on the right path! Someone has set you on this journey. Even if it doesn’t feel easy, just say to yourself “this is making me learn something I need, its building myself and it’s making me into a stronger being”.

Life isn’t easy and it lets you experience all different kinds of emotions while being here, some good, some hard, some confusing. But when you look back you realise what it’s taught you and how it’s made you change to who you are today. There have been times in my life that if I knew it was going to happen, I would have said to myself I can’t do it, I won’t cope but then it happens and you realise something in you finds the courage and the strength to get you through to the other side.

Just take five minutes today to look back at something you never thought you would have got through and remember you didn’t just get through it, you smashed it.

Sometimes the strength we can’t find is in our heads, if we believe we can do it nothing can stop us! We are humans, we are one of the cleverest things on this earth and I think we need to check in with ourselves and remind ourselves that we are amazing and that we can do anything.

All our lives we get brought up to believe we should be looking to others for help. As a child we look to our parents, in school we have teachers and then when you get to an adult you have to obey the rules of other humans (government). What I’m trying to say is we never go inside ourselves and try and find the answers, but… that is where our super power is.

When you’re a child you wish your superpower could be flying, becoming invisible, teleporting and that’s because a child’s mind is free and all they need to worry about is having fun. When you’re an adult were made to feel like we can’t open our mind because our thoughts are silly, we can’t be creative because we haven’t got the time or everything is so much more important but in reality, we need to find that inner child again and we will realise just how powerful we are!

Find gratitude today and you will have a better tomorrow and remember always smile!

UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls