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Life, Life, Life.

“You can’t go back and change your beginning, but you can start where you are and change your ending”.

Life, Life, Life, it’s a funny old thing. Some people think it just means to be on this earth and some people believe to help create it.

Life has been a struggle the last week, the world’s gone crazy, everyone wearing masks, keeping their distance and not even knowing what way they can walk. This week out of all of lockdown I have felt very hard. Maybe because I was used to being around people I love and now they are having to go back to work and not only back to work but to work even harder than they did before. This means more hours and less time just enjoying life. Why do we need to work a job we hate to just get money to live and have a roof over our heads? This is where my thought process was when starting my art career again. I want to be doing something I love every day, being around the people I choose to be around and earning a living to have my freedom. The idea of going back to being sat in a box and having to ask another adult to even go to the toilet wasn’t what I was looking forward to. I thought to myself why can’t I be a person who does what they love to make money but not even that but to put something positive into the world every day, because that’s what art is. Just sharing another thought, process or piece that someone hasn’t seen yet.

When I feel low, I draw fairies, mermaids, dragons. This helps me realise anything is possible, if you can think about it why can’t it be in our world. I mean I’m not saying I’ve seen fairies, mermaids or dragons in the way people talk about them, but I do know I can definitely surround myself with them if I create a world of them. I will talk more about my art pieces inspired by the world of the unknown in the next few blogs.

Life isn’t always easy and doesn’t always make sense and that’s where I feel art is one of the most powerful things on our planet. The way a few colours (especially pink/pastel colours for me) can change your mood is amazing, or a simple design or a pattern that you can get lost in. The creations are so beautiful or meaningful that you forget what it was that was you were thinking about. I’m not saying it will fix all your problems but art has definitely helped me through the rollercoaster of emotions that we all get in life.

This is the reason I choose to draw/paint in pastel colours, and pinks, because if one thing with these colours change my mood, then I can’t wait for my art to change yours!

UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls