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Digital sunset art

Interview With Twitter Artists Omar (elt4nqu3)

Artist Omar


Im super excited to share the second interview with twitter artist elt4nqu3. I personally chose this artist to interview as I loved the contrast he uses with the geometric light figures and the darkness of the background. His work evokes an emotion in the viewer with the way he shows the connection with the human figures. A few personal favourites of mine is ‘road home’ and ‘ho visto il futuro baby e tu non c’eri”, I love the feeling the ‘road home’ gives, it touches my heart and makes me feel slightly sad as I feel he is lonely However another viewer may see that as the perfect place to be, and this is why I love this piece because depending on your journey in life, this piece will make you feel a different emotion. Another personal favourite of Omars work is the ‘e ci ritroveremo’ and this is because it brings me back to a beautiful memory from a few years back. Which piece is your favourite? Check out his art on instagram.

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Digital geometric artwork

What got you started on art?

Definitely the curiosity of searching and trying to create something that could express myself at my best. Since I was a kid, I tried to pick up the brushes and tried to make something in front of a sheet of paper, maybe trying to portray some object of the house, but growing up I tried to develop better my skills with Photoshop and Illustrator, trying to improve every day.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from several trains of thoughts. I mostly have to take a few minutes break where I reflect a lot on everything around me: life, people, relationships. Everything that happens in daily life could be a great source of inspiration to then recreate it digitally. I’ve also found inspiration in films, songs or existing works of art. So, I find inspiration in anything that can evoke strong emotions.

Have you always been a digital artist?

Yes. Since I started studying Graphic Design, I wanted to take this direction.

What is your favourite art style? And Why?

Honestly, I don’t have a favourite art style. I always like to learn from other styles, whether they are from the past or from current artists.

Does your past ever show up in your artwork?

Yes, there is a lot of my past in my work. Especially moments that are unforgettable for me, and  I wanted to remember them through my artwork. Almost as if they were photographs that, as soon as you look at them, bring back to mind a lot of feelings that have aroused in that moment.

Has the lockdown influenced you or your art in anyway?

The lockdown was a severe blow for everyone, including me. At first, I thought it was a short period that we would get out of after a short time, but it wasn’t like that. It affected me a lot, both positively and negatively, but it allowed me to get passionate about something that allowed me not only to occupy my time and mind, but also to “marginalize” myself from what happens outside. Listening to music, studying, watching movies, TV series, documentaries, experimenting with new styles, indulging myself.
All this has allowed me to live in these months, sitting in a chair but travelling with my mind. Curiosity is too great to be thrown away.

If you had to choose three words to describe the lockdown experience what would they be?

Courage, curiosity, balance.

Did you learn anything in 2020? About your art, the world or yourself?

In 2020, I learned not to underestimate the little things, whether it’s a hug or a simple “how are you?” from your friends. Even just hanging out with friends and enjoying every moment together. At the same time, I have learned a lot by studying past and even contemporary artists to expand my cultural heritage.

What is your focus for 2021?

My goal for 2021 is to develop my artistic project better, with much more maturity, awareness and with more confidence in what I do. I will continue using my own style but trying to take a more evolved, developed but above all introspective approach.

Do you have any thoughts on the crypto art space? If so when did you first hear about it?

The first time I heard about Crypto Art was a few months ago from multiple artists who had to explain what it was. For the moment it seems to me very interesting and a historical moment for art that could develop in the best way. Although it shows again that our future will be all more and more digital and less analogue.

How do you think crypto art will change society and its view on the art space?

In my opinion it’s still too early to say. It could change society and become the most important medium for art, as well as it could not be.

Do you follow or believe in any specific artists on the crypto space?

I follow a lot of people who are in the crypto art space, between artists I’ve gotten to know and those I’ve been following for a long time. If I had to name one artist, Dangiuz would come to mind. I’ve been following him for a few years now and he was the first person I followed who took this Crypto art way. An artist I really like and with a very interesting style.

The way Omar captures the memories and the moments in his life through art is a beautiful way to be creative. I love how he is always trying to evolve his skills and research and learn from older and current artists. The way he explains lockdown is perfect. Yes it has been a challenging journey but it’s also been a time to invest in ourselves and develop our passions, especially in art. I have seen a lot more people get the passion to be creative, even people who you would of never thought would pick up a paintbrush. It’s a beautiful time and the community that is being made through digital art and NFTs keeps me hopeful for the future. Omar’s art is definitely something to keep your eyes out for, see what his art makes you feel and if you want to connect with him on a more personal level follow him on twitter here.

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