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Interview 3 With Artist on Instagram Georgia (georgialewiscollinsart)

This weeks artist is Georgia. We chose to interview five artists that we felt had passion, motivation, drive and the most kindest soul.  In artists it’s not just about the art they produce, it’s also the hearts they have. As Georgia says in her interview “I feel like artists admire their surroundings more and we definitely bond over that” and i couldn’t put t in better words myself. The way they can get in touch with their emotions and feelings, and to portray it on a canvas is a very powerful skill.

What drew us to Georgia’s Art was the gorgeous colour palette she uses in every single image. I love how in touch with nature she is, because she really feels the connection with flowers, plants and the outside world. I also feel this and it made me fall in love with this artists soul. If you love nature and want to connect to a beautiful artist, then follow

How did you get started on art?
I’ve always been arty and creative ever since I can remember, I have GCSE’s, A Levels, an art foundation and a degree all in art based subjects, lockdown gave me the time I needed to start doing painting again and working from home has given me a bit more freedom to do it. My job now isn’t currently creative or what I want to do and I was really missing something from my life before setting up my art account!

Do you have a connection with other artists?
Definitely! I feel like the creative community on Instagram is SO lovely and I wish I’d started my account/ joined it sooner. I feel like artists admire their surroundings more and we definitely bond over that. It’s nice to have people to speak to to share your exciting ideas to and bounce off each-other.

Do you get creative block and how do you overcome it?Yes! I feel like everyone does at some point and it’s normal. I usually take inspiration from other artists, STALK Pinterest, create mind maps, think of all of the things I love to look at/paint, experiment a LOT with new materials, go on walks as I’m inspired by nature mostly.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Instagram, Pinterest and adventuring outside.

How has art helped you in lockdown?
I find it very therapeutic and it’s nice to have something to distract yourself with when the works seems like such a scary place at the moment. It’s also helped fill a lot of my time up! Instead of moping around or watching a stupid amount of Netflix I have been able to express my creativity and do something I love.

How has the lockdown made you feel?
Rubbish! I’m sure everyone feels the same. I miss family and friends, I miss normality and I hate how scary it has felt at times. However I have loved having more time to be creative, to think more and to work from home.

If you had to use 3 words to describe lockdown what would they be?Creative, isolating, strange.

What has been the best thing and the worst thing?
Worst thing- missing my family, cancelling family weddings and birthdays, obviously seeing people dying and businesses failing.
Best thing- having the time to be more creative and spending lots of time with my mum especially.

Have you learned anything in 2020?
To be more appreciative of life and my surroundings.

Do you follow/admire any specific artists?
So there’s sooo many famous artists I could list, I’ve always loved Sophie tea, an absolute girl boss and my kind of bright, girly, pretty, happy art!
But I’ve also come to know loads of smaller artists or new artists that one day I believe will be as big/ famous!
I admire how none of us give up and we are literally just doing something we love, not focusing on sales or followers, just doing something for ourselves.
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Georgia is one of the most genuine, authentic and kind hearted artists I met in 2020. I met many, but connecting with Georgia gave me a feeling like she understood me and just wanted to make a brighter world through her art and her words. She is one of them souls that has been put on this earth to love, give back and support anyone. The one main thing i realised when i connected with georgia, was her passion to connect and appreciate other artists and just people in general.As she said in her interview; She feels like many have felt many feelings in this lockdown; scared, worried, unsure and strange”.

This artists is the perfect artist to follow, connect with and you get to indulge your eyes in her beautiful aesthetics in her artwork. If you want a genuine friend, someone who can relate and bring uplifting and bright energy in to your life you must follow Georgia

UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls