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How does nature inspire you?


How does nature inspire you? Today I am going to talk about everything nature.

My love for nature began when life got a little too much. The feeling I found when I sat looking out to the sea, couldn’t compare to anything else. The sound of the waves and the atmosphere around me made me feel relaxed and like nothing mattered. Looking out to the never-ending horizon made me realise the things that were getting me down were a tiny problem in this extraordinary world. I have always loved the way animals and insects look, something about them has always amazed me and using them for inspiration for drawing has always been a main element in my designs, even when I was at college. When I was younger my parents used to take me and my little brother out into nature. We did nature trails, spent most of our days at the beach and was always going on a new adventure. These days I find it hard to not be out in nature every day.

As you may be able to tell this had a big effect on me when the lockdown started and I needed to find my freedom again. This is when I re found my love for art. Every day I challenged myself to create one new art piece, this wasn’t easy as I used to get so hung up on the idea of it looking perfect. However, the more I did the more I realised art is about putting yourself, your emotions and your thoughts on paper.

Nature is very important and if you’re still reading this, I would say you feel the same, but not everyone appreciates the beauty of it. Over the years I came to the realisation that although my love for nature is so strong, other people don’t even realise it’s there. This is what encouraged me to use it as inspiration for my doodledesigns. I want to bring more of it in the world and help people feel that calm and relaxed state that we feel when we see a flower or sit by the beach. One I did recently was the journey of the buttercup which I will be talking about in my next blog. A simple flower can change my mood and that is why I design my t-shirts and canvases hoping they can change yours too.

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