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“Did you know how many animals are due to go extinct by 2030? 10 years’ time!”

If you didn’t, don’t worry neither did I.

Famous UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls

I took a trip away to the beautiful place called Cornwall for a little adventure away and for my partners birthday. Well… my boyfriend is obsessed with animals, so there was no way we were going to miss the zoo. Newquay zoo is beautiful and as you know from my art and previous blogs, I’m a little obsessed with the beauty of the gorgeous creations we call animals.  So, for me, and I’m sure many others it was sad finding out that in so little time so many beautiful animals could be gone, and not gone on a little holiday, but to actually be gone forever!

As soon as I heard of this, I wanted to research into what animals were due to go extinct, and I couldn’t believe how many of them there were, and how I didn’t even know about this. This made me come up with the idea to do an art piece that is fun and lovely to look at but something that when people looked a bit closer, they could see certain phrases like “I’m a black rhino, I am now extinct. Please save my friends” or “I will be extinct by 2030” (see if you can find anymore? Bear in mind they are hidden quite well). I wanted to create a piece that people could colour in. I didn’t want this piece to look perfect because I wanted to get the idea across to children and new adults that art doesn’t have to look perfect to be beautiful. The beauty is in your expression, your ideas and your thoughts. The egg timer in this drawing isn’t straight or even equal on both sides, and it’s all a bit out of balance but that’s life, nothings perfect and I wanted to really highlight this idea.

With this design I also wanted to get the message out there about extinction, in case people were hidden under a rock like me, still now I can’t believe it! Like in less than 15 years rhinos, hawksbill turtles, leopards, tigers, orangutans could be gone. Not only that though, by 2050 we may have no fish left in our oceans.

Doing this particular piece was so important to me because I wanted to do my first free colouring page, but I also wanted to just spread the message that this is happening and we can’t hide from it. So, I thought what a perfect opportunity.

This colouring page is not just about colouring, I want you to remember when you are splashing pretty colours all over it. I’m an artist, have been for many years and it took me a while to realise it, but art is not about how neat and perfect it looks. It is about you as a person, you expressing your thoughts, ideas and feelings on to paper and that’s where the true beauty is in art. So, when you next feel frustrated that something doesn’t look right or perfect (in your eyes) please remember this.

UK Artist Abbie Rose Nicholls