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Did you know even if you stumble, you’re still moving forward


…and that is where i began my journey”

I realised my biggest challenge was overcoming the idea of always having to follow the same path that lead everyone to the same destination.

Your thoughts are so powerful and for me can try to take over who I am. Having a place to pause my thoughts is very important, and the only place I have discovered this to happen is when I am doing my doodle designs. As I already mentioned in my previous blog, when I am doing my doodles my mind is in a calm and relaxed state. Every thought that normally rushes in, is blocked out by my creations.

The flow I have when drawing my doodles is never perfect but always beautiful. The black ink isn’t just ink, it has my personality behind it. What I mean by this is every piece of my art is designed so differently based on my mood or feelings at the time of creating. For example, when designing my doodles, I always have nature and flowers in my thoughts. If you look at my work in detail you will find even though a design can have the same style, it is normally always filled with different types of pattern. This means my “series work”, where I will pick a topic and create 5-10 doodledesigns with the same style, will be different each time. You will notice this when you have a closer look. I would love for my doodledesigns to look perfect but it always has its imperfection, odd marks and added character but that is just me.

Even though I like to create my designs on paper, I like the effect the canvas can give, as this helps me to show my true self to the world. Sometimes in life I don’t feel free, and my canvases are a place where there are no rules to follow and I can express the real me through my marks. They will be seen as my messiest work; however, they show the true meaning of my freedom.

Freedom isn’t life, freedom is when you are doing what you believe to be true to yourself, and my art is exactly that. If my art can inspire someone or add a smile to the world then why would I ever want to stop?

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