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A journey of a lifetime



I got the opportunity of a life time visiting this country, I was at college doing my level 3 foundation degree and they planned a trip to Rio de Janeiro and Saul Paulo. The journey there looking back now took a crazy amount of time. It took almost a day with all transport but was so worth it!

My first new experience was the journey of a sleeper coach, we got given a toothbrush, socks and an eye mask, this in itself was a great memory. The reason we had to get on one of these was the journey from Rio de Janeiro to Saul Paulo was not one you could walk haha.

What a culture shock, I was about 18/19 and I didn’t really know anyone that well but I knew it was the only time I would get to go somewhere so amazing, and I was so glad I did it! I remember walking into the hostel seeing graffiti all over the stairs and I felt a shiver, I was scared. However, once I got settled and saw what a beautiful place it was, I felt at ease. I remember seeing such a huge contrast in the poor and the rich. It was such an eye opener to witness. You would see a homeless person around the corner and a few meters down the road there would be a massive house with electric fencing to keep it secure. The poor would be putting nuts on your car windows, juggling in the streets and sadly begging you for money everywhere you turned.

My favourite memory was visiting the sugar loaf mountain, the view, it was just the most beautiful thing I had seen. We had to get a cable car to get to the mountain, even this was an adventure in itself. The colours, the atmosphere and the beauty of nature amazed me even more than I thought it ever could.

After a long trek to get up to the Christ redeemer the weather was not on our side. We finally got up to the top and the sky was so foggy that all we could see was this faint misty statue, and even know it was very hard to see, the weather did not spoil this for me. The size of him was so majestic and powerful. The fact that I got to see one of the wonders of the world I will never forget.

As well as seeing all the beautiful scenery, I remember some of the restaurants our teacher took us to, I felt very lucky and I made some great memories everywhere I went. It’s so funny because the image that sums up all of this was a watermelon. I remember having watermelon for breakfast with the most gorgeous pastry buffet, watermelon for lunch and we even had watermelon with dinner as a dessert. Luckily for me I love watermelon still to this day but I will never know if this was the trip that made me find my love for it. Enough about me, where have you been and what has been the one image that summed up your travel?